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Yellow World

So this is my first post on the blog.
Just another “Hello world” classic example.

I want to say that the About page is updated with information about me and the reason for the blog.

I have some ideas for a little project i want to do related to organizing my anime collection on my linux desktop and how to keep track of it. I already have my page on GitHub but no repository yet for anything.
For now i have to get my priorities right. The semester at the university is starting (without any vacations -.-‘) and maybe it will get difficult to do what i want.

To Do list:

  1. Learn more about git. I already used svn for some projects (nothing complicated) but i want to learn about git.
  2. Get the requisites for the project i mentioned above and start planning how to do it.
  3. Choose the language i want to do it. I’m thinking about C (last language i used) or python (to learn) or in worst case Java (worst case because i now how little love there is for it in linux desktop).
  4. Finally start some real hacking around it.


And that’s it for now, cheers.