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Changing home: Kde 4.6 to Xfce 4.8

First, some background

My distro of choice is Arch linux, it is simple, doesn’t try to do things i don’t tell it to do, keeps the user in control, pacman (the package manager) is powerfull enough for what i need, uses a rolling release model, has a great wiki and a great community. Much more could be said, just try it if you want (it’s linux, it’s free, why not?) and/or search for the many reviews out there (reading the install guide is a MUST).

Some years ago i was always distro hoping and believe me when i say that i tried almost everything until i found arch. Nothing compares. Even today sometimes i try the latest fedora o ubuntu but they just can’t do it for me. They are cool to test new features without destroying my arch system but besides that i just can’t live with them.

By now you should be able to understand a little what i look for in software in my computer. It should be simple, well defined, modular, do what is told to, replaceable, etc. I like to know what the system is doing, why it is doing it and how. I should be able to understand how each component interacts with each other in order to understand the whole system better.


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