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Progress: Learning git

Like i said in my previous post the first step i want to do is learning git or at least have the simple concepts learned before the next points in the To Do.
I just finished reading Git Reference and i think i know at least how it works for doing simple stuff. From what i see i think it is not difficult to work with git and having a remote repository doing the work of a “server” on github is interesting specially because all the features that github provides for working in an open environment.
For now i just have to remember not to push personal information like my msn logs, private ssh keys and etc :D.

So, commands like push, pull, remote, log, status, add, commit, diff and merge are kind of understood. Just need to type them and do some stuff on the repos so i don’t forget them and to understand them better. Anyway there is always the internet for remembering and the help command 😉