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Xfce December desktop

Hi, I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I just noticed i didn’t post anything about my desktop configuration for a while, but don’t worry, the screenshots are here now;).

Clean and Dirty:

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The new laptop – Asus Eee PC 1215b

After some time not posting anything here on the blog, I’m finally going to do it :P. The thing is I bought the laptop not long ago after the last post, around middle September I think and wanted to talk about it, but wasn’t in the mood to post about it until now. Procrastination is awesome and I like to do it a lot. Read more of this post

The endless journey for a new laptop

Hi, i’m not sure how everybody else buys their products but i’m a very sceptical person and usually i do a lot of research before buying something. I’ll try to get some points quickly explaining what i want on a new machine and some short description of what i think are good specifications for a new machine.

Maybe first i should try to explain my reasoning (AKA my user case): i’m a university student, i need my laptop to study and develop. After that what i do most is surf the web, watch some anime, movies and tv series. Do i play games? Not really, maybe just some case of really rare playing like the Humble Bundles that i bought (yes i bought all of them). Important to note here is that i carry my laptop a lot, from home to university, all around the house (going to the bedroom then the living room, etc) and i spend lots of time reading stuff. As you should know i use GNU/Linux and the rare times i need windows i prefer launching some virtualization solution. Read more of this post

Changing Xfce 4.8 menu

With the new release of Xfce there’s a new system in place but there isn’t any interface included to edit the menu. This isn’t really a problem because now it just follows the freedektop specification and you are able to use other tools for the job like Alacarte menu editor. If you’re into it and don’t mind installing all the gnome dependencies atached to it you’ll be fine. If you want to do it the hardcore way i’ll try to tell you where to look.

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My Xfce 4.8 configuration

After changing from kde to xfce i have spent my time looking for applications to fit well in the system and successfully removed kde completely from my computer. It was hard to find some applications to replace the equivalents from kde like i mentioned in the previous post, but i think i can live for now with the choices i made. I’m not completely happy with some of them yet so i’ll keep on until i find better replacements or until i’ve adapted.

The goal of this post is to show my current configurations, so i can remember them in the future if i need :D.

Some screenshots of how it is now:

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Changing home: Kde 4.6 to Xfce 4.8

First, some background

My distro of choice is Arch linux, it is simple, doesn’t try to do things i don’t tell it to do, keeps the user in control, pacman (the package manager) is powerfull enough for what i need, uses a rolling release model, has a great wiki and a great community. Much more could be said, just try it if you want (it’s linux, it’s free, why not?) and/or search for the many reviews out there (reading the install guide is a MUST).

Some years ago i was always distro hoping and believe me when i say that i tried almost everything until i found arch. Nothing compares. Even today sometimes i try the latest fedora o ubuntu but they just can’t do it for me. They are cool to test new features without destroying my arch system but besides that i just can’t live with them.

By now you should be able to understand a little what i look for in software in my computer. It should be simple, well defined, modular, do what is told to, replaceable, etc. I like to know what the system is doing, why it is doing it and how. I should be able to understand how each component interacts with each other in order to understand the whole system better.


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