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another blog about stuff?? oh yeahh email settings

Hello dear readers (ok, I know there aren’t many of you but that’s fine :P), although this blog seemed dead it isn’t, I’m still around.

To keep the story short, after some serious online reading about domain registars I bought my first domain this week (yay, happy me is happy) at and as bonus I have access to their Email Hosting service free for the first year. It is a very basic service with 3GB and you can only create one email account but at least it allows me to have access to a “free” email account without having to rely on Google Gmail for it. After the first free year it seems it is even one of the cheapest email hosting services around so I’m not really worried about depending on it (for now at least).

So, the problem was that I wanted to use that email account with Thunderbird but the settings that I found online were not working. After one day trying different combinations I contacted the online support and these are the settings that finally worked:

User Name: your email 
Password: the password to login on your email
Connection Security: STARTTLS
Authentication method: Normal Password
IMAP Port: 143
SMTP Port: 25

I’ll keep them here for future reference as I don’t believe I was the only one having problems with it ;).

I bought the domain to create a personal website so I can have a more respectable online reference like any good geek… And having a cute personal email is also nice…
And that’s it :D.


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